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Kibatsu Mecha is a collection of 2222 unique 1/1 hand generated, fully animated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

This is the genesis collection of the Kibatsu Corp. brand and an integral component of the lore of Megacity Kibatsu, a world and story developed by artist & animator Jerry Liu (aka SloppyJ44).

The collection

Each Kibatsu Mecha consists of a combination of 7 traits. Each and every single one is meticulously pieced together manually, hand generated, and designed & animated with intent. Some Kibatsu Mechas are rarer than others, and there are even a handful that are considered to be ‘mega rare’ with their own unique one-off traits.


Kibatsu Mecha and their pilots inhabit Megacity Kibatsu and its surrounding territories. They rumble in the Ataki Arena, one of the city‘s most dangerous yet spectacular fight circuits. They fight for many reasons - for glory, for riches, for the thrill, for revenge, for survival, for power, for honor, for love... but more on that later.

‘Kibatsu’ means ‘strange’ or ‘wacky’


Jerry Liu is a US based director, designer/illustrator, and animator specializing in motion graphics for TV, film, games, and tech. Over the past 18+ years Jerry’s work has been recognized and screened by The Art Director’s Club, won BDA Awards, and has been featured by notable entertainment, pop culture, and art & design publications such as Kotaku, Gizmodo, Hypebeast, Motionographer, and Cartoon Brew.

He has recently chosen to forgo client work for the foreseeable future to dedicate his full attention to developing the Kibatsu Corp. brand and story of Megacity Kibatsu. He is also a proud #girldad <3